Matching Your Lifestyle Vision with Your Financial Actions

Many desire financial abundance, security, and sound decision making. You try to do what's right for yourself and loved ones, but the wrong financial decision can often undermine the best of intentions. Whether you are exploring your personal finances, family, or business. Through conversation we can mutually identify your desires and develop a plan to mirror them with your actions. 


My Mission as an Advisor is to:

- make sure that my recommendations are directly aligned with your lifestyle vision.

- make recommendations that help you enjoy what you have earned along the way.

- make sure our conversations improve your financial intellect.

- enhance and create Generational Wealth for families, communities, and businesses.

- always be open to communication and thoughts from those I speak/meet with.


My Mission as a man is to:

- be honest and on the side of truth.

- be an engaging and inspiring husband and father.

- bring calming and jovial energy to every room I enter.

- be a student of life; learning at every opportunity presented.

- be fair.

- Marcus J. Owens -

Marcus J Owens

Financial Advisor

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